Modular design for maximum flexibility

Our self-manufactured articulated jib crane, designed for handling goods up to 85 kg. The crane is built using a selection of different modules which makes it very easy to put together a crane that is perfectly tailored to suit your needs. The crane can be installed in various ways, directly on the floor, on the wall or on an existing column. If you require a flexible crane it can be mounted on a floorplate. This allows you to easily move the crane around in your premises, simply by using a manual pallet jack or forklift. Choose as you prefer between mains or battery. No installation procedures required.

We have a large number of standard tools and also develop customized ones. MobiCrane can be fitted with a range of hoists, mechanical and magnetic tools, as well as with pneumatic and vacuum lifting equipment. The mechanical operating handle is adjustable to become ergonomically optimal for each user and it is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed persons.
MobiCrane lifts most kinds of goods up to a maximum weight of 85 kg and its reach allows the working space to become up to 47.2m.



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