Mechspace Pro

The easy-to-use balanced manipulator

Mechspace Pro is a pneumatic moment absorbing manipulator that is extremely easy to manoeuver and gives ergonomic freedom of movement within a large working area.

Mechspace Pro is the natural choice where the working reach is of high importance, as for example when the operator is working under a protruding roof, inside a vehicle or in a working area with restricted accessibility.

The moment absorbing features gives important advantages for complex material handling operations, and for gripping and rotation of eccentric loads.

Mechspace Pro is available in two models for loads up to 70 kg or 150 kg: a hanging version and a pillar-mounted version. Version 70P can also be equipped with a mobile footplate for easy repositioning by forklift truck. The lifter can be delivered balanced for varying loads or with a balance function for two or more permanent loads. The working stroke is 900 mm (70 kg) / 1250 mm (150 kg).


  70/70P 150/150P
Max load 70 kg * 150 kg *
Max moment 500 Nm 1500 Nm
Stroke (SL) 900 mm 1250 mm
Noise level  
Max tare weight(70/150) 100 kg 200 kg
Max tare weight(70P/150P) 195 kg 330 kg
Rotation 0-330° (inner)
0-330° (front)
0-310° (inner)
0-330° (front)
Media Air, non-lubricated, filtered Air, non-lubricated, filtered
Air consumption 8 l/stroke** 16 l/stroke**
Working pressure 5 (4-7) bar 6 (5-7) bar
Working temperature 5-40°C 5-40°C
Colour RAL 2009 (orange), 9010 (white) *** RAL 2009 (orange), 9010 (white) ***
* Depending on working pressure
** With max load
*** Other colours on demand

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