A moment absorbing manipulator

Pneumatic Mechstick is a manipulator for handling and stacking of loads up to 50 kg and with a moment up to 400 Nm. The lifter has a stroke of up to 2 meter, and is available in also an electric version. Pneumatic Mechstick is controlled by a lift cylinder and
related controllers.

Mechstick can be installed on to a wall and thereby serve as an assembly station or a stacking station. Alternatively it can be mounted in a rail system, for example combined with a Powerdrive for controlled traversing.

Typical application areas for Mechstick is handling of doors, windows, glass panels and plates, as well as the assembly of various automotive components when a large reaching area is required, such as for hoods and sunroofs. It is also advantageously used for stacking in racks.

(The pictures shows Elektric Mechstick.)

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