Sanitary self-priming pump with self-priming body


  • Centrifugal pump for clear liquids, self-priming up to 3 m
  • Self-priming stamped body (with priming chamber)
  • Specially designed for operating with liquids that contain air or gases and without losing pumping capacity (e.g., CIP return)
  • Joined together with screwed ring
  • High hydraulic output, semi-open impeller produced by microfusion techniques
  • Minimum thickness 3 mm
  • Single internal mechanical seal
  • DIN 11851 connections (GAS, CLAMP, IDF, SMS, flanges, etc. optional)
  • Accessed from above for manual priming, with inferior drain port
  • Polished external finish, stainless steel motor shroud and adjustable tripod



Maximum flow 100 m³/h (1600 l/min)
Maximum differential head 7 bar (70 mWC)
Power 2.2 – 22 kW (3 – 30 hp)
Temperature -25 – +130 ºC
Maximum viscosity 100 cP
Rotation speed 2900 rpm (50 Hz)
3450 rpm (60 Hz)
Material AISI 316 (EN 1.4401)
Applications Water, wine, brine, acids, solvents, cleaning solutions (CIP), etc.


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