Mechlight Pro

A functional lightweight lifter

Mechlight Pro is an ergonomic and functional lightweight lifter for loads up to 50 kg. The lifter allows free rotation around its lift axle = a great advantage for assembly work where else hoses and accessories may risk being damaged!

Mechlight Pro is advantageously installed in a rail system or onto a pillar or wall mounted jib crane. At the tool adapter, a pneumatic gripper tool and its control units can be easily integrated. Even a simple mechanical tool provides an easy and ergonomic handling.

Each material handling situation requires its own pneumatics solution. Mechlight Pro is available in several pneumatics versions: equilibrated for 1 or 2 loads, or in a balanced version for balancing a range of varying loads.

Mechlight Pro is available in two versions: Standard and Automotive. Mechlight Pro in standard version is the natural solution for material handling and general lifting in the traditional industry. For more demanding environments where reliability and performance beyond the normal required, such as in assembly processes in the automotive industry, we offer a variant Automotive equipped with added safety features.

Typical applications for Mechlight Pro is for example handling of components in the manufacturing industry, light vehicle parts assembly work or picking from conveyors and roller conveyors.


Max capacity (40)1 50 kg
Lifting speed 0-40 m/min
Rotation 0-360 °
Max dead weight² <23/27 kg
Medium air, non-lubricated
Working pressure 4,5-6 bar
Air consumption 9,8 ln/mSL
Working temperature 5-40 °C
Noise level < 70 dB (A)
¹ Pneumatic version "Balanced"
² Standard / Automotive version

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